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Join Sue Cottrell for a five session class, “Hawk Watching in Western Washington”. 

This class will teach you about the 15 species of diurnal raptors that can be found in western WA, emphasizing field identification and the particularly fascinating element of winter behavior. It will also cover raptor terminology, migration, the daily and annual cycle, birding ethics, equipment and birding guides. Instructor Sue Cottrell has studied raptors and guided outdoor trips for over 30 years, and has a vast knowledge of local populations.

The five sessions will be presented via Zoom beginning at 6:30 pm and run approximately 1 1/2 hours, starting on Tuesday January 12, 2021. If needed, we will offer the same class on Thursday evenings.

In addition to the five Zoom sessions, we hope that you may have the opportunity to participate in a day-long field trip on the Skagit and Samish Flats. These areas are nationally recognized for harboring hundreds of wintering birds of prey. Historically, field trips offered in conjunction with classroom sessions have been a great opportunity for students to practice identifying raptors in the field, guided by Sue’s expertise and assistance.  Nevertheless, Covid restrictions may either prevent us from conducting field trips this year, or offering field trips conducted in ways different from those held in the past.  Everyone’s safety is our most important consideration.

The 5-week Zoom session fee is $100 per person. If we are able to offer the all- day field trip the fee of $50 per person will be collected at a later date.

To complete your registration, send check, along with email address and phone number to Raptor Studies NW, P.O. Box 85, Bow, WA 98232. Contact Sue at with any questions.

Sue Cottrell with adult Red-tailed Hawk
Sue Cottrell with an adult Red-tailed Hawk ready for release after banding